I purposed, before the birth of my daughter, to be the kind of mom I'd long wanted to be. At all costs. Unbeknownst to her, my daughter had thrown me a challenge. I needed to use my God-given talents and life's passions to be productive while still working around her needs and her schedule. Here are some daily adventures and small successes.


Adventures with this one - Montreal's South Shore photog in Mont Tremblant

Spotted an abandoned*, dilapidated "casse croute" on the side of  HWY 117, heading into Tremblant.

By abandoned I mean, of course, I thought it was abandoned. I mean. doesn't it look abandoned? So we got a couple of shots in, and were (abruptly) informed that the premises were in fact not actually abandoned. Really? I mean...really?

This did not squelch our adventurous spirit. We hopped in the car and chased the sunset. To a public beach on Lac Carré. Lovely!

Really lovely. This is actually just a stroll from our family chalet. And I'd shoot here any time of summer, for those who are interested.


la miniSession de Noël 2014! - Photographe d'enfants, rive-sud de Montréal

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Pourquoi si de bonheure cette année? Parce que j'ai déja froid, moi! Et vous?

Voici les détails...

(cliquez pour un plus grand aperçu)

Le 27 septembre , les miniSessions se tiendront et au matin, et en fin d'après midi. Chaque séance prendra environ 15 minutes et pourra inclure les frères et soeurs d'une même famille. (Jusqu'à 3 enfants. Veuillez figurer $5 de plus par enfant additionelle our par animal de compagnie. Chaque animal doit avoir été authorisé par moi avant la session.)

Le frais de 50,00$ comprend la séance elle même, en plus de la feuille de contact (au moin 10 images du quel choisir vos favoris) et 2 images de votre choix, édition comprise, pleine résolution avec droits d'impression. C'est un prix promotionel dont je n'ai pas offert en très longtemps! (Et ça pourrait être l'esprit des Fêtes qui vient m'atteindre...)

Le lieu des photos? C'est la partie amusante. Je me déplacerai à vous...en sorte. C'est à dire, je me déplacerai dans la ville (Rive Sud de Montréal) d'où j'ai eu le plus de bookings pour ou les séances du matin, oui les séances en fin d'après-midi. Alors, oui, c'est le temps d'informer vos voisins de cette promotion! (Bookings doivent être fait 72 heures avant la miniSession pour se qualifier.)

Les couleurs suggérées pour la miniSession sont ici-haut. Bien sûr, je suis toujours dispo pour discuter et aider, alors pas de gêne!

En ce qui concerne le paiement, il peut se faire comptant (en personne), par chèque (en personne ou par la poste) ou par Virement Interac. Votre réservation est officielle une fois le paiement reçu. Au moment de la réservation, vous pouver préciser votre désir d'un RDV le matin ou l'après-midi. L'heure exact de votre séance sera confirméun ou deux jours avant la date de la miniSession.

Et les parents, eux? Comme le set-up de la miniSession n'a pas été conçu pour un grand groupe ou des grands corps adultes, pour la plupart, les parents sont exclus. La seule exception serait pour un enfant unique en bas de 6 ans. En autant que maman et papa sont prêts a s'assoir par terre. Si vous désirez vraiement des photos de toute la famille, je vous encourage a me contacter pour une pleine session avant que la température devienne moin idéale.

Contactez-moi sans tarder! info@photocreationstz.com ou via ma page contact sur mon site web. Au plaisir!

the 2014 Christmas minis! - Montreal's South Shore child photographer

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Why so early?? Because it's already stinkin' cold, that's why so early.

To be honest, I tried to do the Christmas miniSessions in September last year, but no one was feeling very festive I take it. Everyone flocked to my October miniSessions instead.

I am trying to finagle something together for more Christmas minis for November, but I can't guarantee a thing at this point, not to mention the many of you who like to custom order Holiday cards to mail out using these annual photos. This is your chance, right here.

And here are the details...

(click to enlarge)

Here's the run down:
September 27th, with sessions in both the morning and later afternoon, I'll be conducting 15 minute sessions for siblings. (Up to 3 siblings are included in the pricing. Please add $5 per additional sibling or per pet. Pet must be pre-authorized by me, so please inquire in advance.)

Session fee of $50.00 includes not only the sitting fee, but also a contact sheet with at least 10 images from your session. With that, you also get to choose 2 images which I will then edit and send you in full resolution with printing rights. That's a better deal than I've offered in a while! (It must be the Christmas spirit...)

As for location, here's the FUN part. I will shoot the mini where you are. What does that mean? Well, whichever South Shore city books the most spots from either the a.m. or p.m. slots will have me at their doorstep. So I guess it's time you shared this promo with your neighbours! (To qualify, bookings must be made 72 hours before session date.)

Above is a taste of the recommended colour palette. As always, I'm available for advice, pointers, and the like. Don't be shy!

As for payment, it can be made by cash (in person) cheque (in person or by mail) and, perhaps easiest of all, Interac e-transfer. Your booking is official once payment is received. At the time of booking, you may specify if you prefer an a.m. or p.m. session, and time slots will be finalized a couple of days before the miniSession date.

What about parents in the photos? Because the set up I'll be using for these miniSessions has not been catered to a big crowd or to adult sized bodies, I mostly won't be including adults in this miniSession. The exception being an only child under the age of 6. As long as mom and dad are cool with sitting on the ground. If you are really hoping for some family photos, please contact me to book a full session as soon as possible, while the weather still permits. Or hold tight to see if I can pull a rabbit out of my hat for some Christmassy November family photos.

First come - first served, so contact me today at info@photocreationstz.com, or using the contact form on my website. Hope to hear from you all soon!


Picking favorites - Montreal's South Shore photog in Mont Tremblant

Can you pick your favorite? Colour or B&W?

See, I like them both. I can't choose. Thank goodness one decision is made. She's my fave. That's my girl. ♥


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