I purposed, before the birth of my daughter, to be the kind of mom I'd long wanted to be. At all costs. Unbeknownst to her, my daughter had thrown me a challenge. I needed to use my God-given talents and life's passions to be productive while still working around her needs and her schedule. Here are some daily adventures and small successes.


Local, small business kinda Christmas - Montreal's South Shore entrepreneur

I'm so excited to hand out gifts from so many local (read: right here on the shore) entrepreneurs again this Christmas. I'll be doling out some teachers gifts from Montreal Confections and JustMe Papercrafts. Family member will also be getting a dose of that, as well as goodies from Gourmet Shop.

Here's a sampling of the recent foodie shoot I did for Gourmet Shop...

It may or may not be too late to custom order in time for Christmas. But if your at all lucky, these local business-owners may let you pick over their stash. (If they even have one left.)

Stumped for a last minute gift idea? If that someone on your list has a face, gift certificates may be just what they want! Check out my promo and giveaway, going on now!

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