I purposed, before the birth of my daughter, to be the kind of mom I'd long wanted to be. At all costs. Unbeknownst to her, my daughter had thrown me a challenge. I needed to use my God-given talents and life's passions to be productive while still working around her needs and her schedule. Here are some daily adventures and small successes.


Could it be? Handmade Christmas, part six

Could it be? A post with no picture? From, of all blogs, a primarily all-things-photo blog?

Well, it's week 6 of my Handmade Christmas series.

Funny thing about Christmas: So may things are a secret. And funny thing about handmade: So many things are halfway done.

(I could post about this great ruffle scarf I just knitted myself. But it wouldn't really be in keeping with the spirit of giving, unless that includes giving to myself of course.)

One halfway project I've got going is the aforementioned advent calendar. And I could use your help, truth be told. I'll have my little darling draw out a card each day, each with a special activity for the day. Some as simple as "Unwrap a book for us to read together." (I have 5 of those planned.) I also snagged Miracle on 34th Street from the $5 movie bin at the big W. I'm thinking a nighttime drive to look at the lights would be fun...but I know I don't have 24 great yet simple ideas. that's where your input could come in handy.

So I'd love some comments here. A brainstorming session, if you will. You have no idea how grateful I'd be.

Meanwhile, I'm off to pack for a short stead in the Laurentians. Can't wait to read all your great ideas when I get back!


  1. What about decorating the tree, or part of the house? That could be one. Or writing a Christmas card to grandma and grandpa and mailing it? What a fun December you have ahead of you!

  2. I was going to say write a letter together to mail to a relative too.

    Make a snowman/Have a snowball fight.

    Bake together.

    Make a Christmas wreath together to hang on her bedroom door.

    Let HER use one of your cameras to take photos of YOU.

    Paint her fingernails and toenails.

    Build a structure out of mini marshmellows and toothpicks (my boys LOVE this!)

    Sew/knit/make clothes for her fav doll.

    Got to the library

    Visit Daddy (or aunty or uncle) at work

    Love your idea! Hope these help inspire you to fill all 24!

  3. Pick up a gingerbread house kit they are $10. At winners everything you need cookies icing & candies. I get them myself since it's so easy.

  4. volunteer at a food bank

    make cookie cut outs and decorate.

    shovel the neighbor's walkway

    write a story together & illustrate it.

  5. Wow, thanks guys! Nothing like a brainstorming session to get the creative juices flowing! Loving the idea of painting fingerbnails and toenails, as well as this marshmellow structure business, Crystal. Marlyn, I'm all over that gingerbread house idea, and Kimmy,I'm thinking we'll have some "do something for someone else" days in there, and if it's snowing, we'll shovel a neighbour's walk. Thanks for the input ladies!



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