I purposed, before the birth of my daughter, to be the kind of mom I'd long wanted to be. At all costs. Unbeknownst to her, my daughter had thrown me a challenge. I needed to use my God-given talents and life's passions to be productive while still working around her needs and her schedule. Here are some daily adventures and small successes.


There's no place like home - Montreal's South Shore photographer

We're not big Halloweenies around here. We really don't get into the spooks and ghouls. My 6 year old barks her offence at the sight of local lawns decorated in warty witches, creepy crawlies, and bludgeoned bodies. I myself am not sure what a holiday supposedly geared towards kids trotting from door to door collecting treats has in common with the long list of what nightmares are made of.

But one thing we won't pass up is the chance for my little darling to wear a fabulous costume. (And to school, no less!) This year, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
Four coats of chunky glitter glue on a pair of well worn shoes are my pride and joy, aside from my daughter's beaming smile, of course. Made from what lay around the house (and my sister's house -- thanks for that blue gingham fabric, Deb) and an additional not-quite $8 in purchases, Judy Garland's got nothing on my girl.

My best advice, if you're making a costume on the cheap, is to allow yourself a little creative licence. Trying to replicate a look will make your cost add up fast. So pick up on a few essential key elements and improvise on the rest.

Then spend the money you save on the good candy. Or her college education. Whatevs.

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  1. oh my goodness - so cute!!! Love the little dog hanging out of the basket. And those glittery shoes are adorable! She looks so happy!



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