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Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X5 - Montreal's South Shore child photographer

My first taste of Corel PSP version 15. Getting used to the new layout, and trying to remember how I customized my set up previously. But basically, I'm happy not too much has been moved around from before.

There are a few more bells and whistles now (which I'm starting to play around with and decide how relevant they are to how I like to edit my photos) but what I love about this program has remained relatively unchanged. Good.

So if you have an older version of this program, here's a basic step-by-step tut you'll be able to follow no problem.

Here's my BEFORE image:

First things first. The shadows are pretty harsh for this impromptu shot. An initial adjustment of the curves helps me focus on making everything else better.

 We've got some distracting elements in the background. I don't always like to use the clone tool. Often, I copy a portion of the image using my lasso tool, and paste it.

 Then I rotate, resize, and position the new piece.

I use my eraser brush to make it all as seamless as possible. And though I didn't make use of it this time, the smudge tool is often my best friend during this process.

I start out using a broader brush tip, and get it smaller and smaller as I work out finer details.

Then I do some cloning.

I'm very careful not to make the cloned segments too obvious. When a pattern, even an organic one like a tree shadow, is repeated, it draws the eye's attention. And I want all the attention on the little guy in this image.

 I also use my lasso tool again to select the exterior edges of the image. I then apply a motion blur, partly because it makes all my retouches more forgivable.

Another 5 minutes correcting the colour and contrast the way I want it...

This guy.

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