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Our hearts indeed are big enough - Real relief for the Philippines

We have seen the images. We have heard the news. We know that the Philippines, this country that's on the other side of the world, has been hit by tragedy. Typhoon Haiyan tore apart many of its regions a week ago.

I love the Filipino people. My best friend growing up was my window to these amazing people who are called Filipinos. Smiling. Laughing. Contented, Industrious. Generous. Hospitable. I thought perhaps it was just my bestie's mom who was like that. I figured it couldn't possibly be some sort of cultural norm. But, well, it is. And you don't need to look at many images of the devastation to spot people helping one another, smiling, and even laughing. ~Tanya Zaleski

We're going to help. Here's the long and the short of it.

First, The SHORT...
You give, and you get. Because we appreciate you.

Destiny International Ministries has had the privilege of being in relationship with ministers in the Philippines for many years now. 100% of donations being collected right now will go directly to indigenous relief workers for the purpose of rebuilding homes and feeding the population of two of the hardest hit regions; Bohol and Mindanao. In the event that enough donations are collected to meet all the primary needs of these communities, be reassured that many other communities are waiting in the wings. Not a single penny will be unappreciated.

Tanya Zaleski Photocreations, Just ME Prints, and Lost Bumblebee Graphics have partnered together to offer your choice of one of three FREE printable calendars with a donation of any amount to Destiny International Ministries earmarked for the Philippines until December 13th, 2013. (You can read even more about these calendars, including WHY they are digital, further down...)

Tanya Zaleski Photocreations has selected 12 of her favorite images from the last year or so and married them with some inspirational quotes to carry you through 2014...


Just ME Prints has compiled 12 greetings, showing off her flawless signature style, to take you through the year in beauty and cheer...

We can thank Lost Bumblebee for turning a coffee addiction into a thing of beauty, with over 12 coffee prints. You'll have the shakes from January 'til December...

Donating is easy as can be. Simply hit the DONATE button at the bottom of this blog post (detailed instructions are down there, too.)

Emails providing a special link to your downloadable digital files will be sent to you within 2 business days of receiving your donation.

The LONG of it...
For those who love all the details...

Where we're sending love...
There are thousands of relief workers on the ground in the Philippines right now. There are areas of this country which were spared from the typhoon's destruction. And in these areas are able bodied men and women ready and willing to help their neighbours. There are local not-for-profit organizations which need nothing more than funds to be able to make a huge difference even today. No red tape. No donations tied up in limbo for months and years. No learning curve of foreign aid to begin to understand the inner-workings of this unique culture and its socio-politial protocol. Just immediate, practical help.

Here are portions of a message which Destiny International Ministries received just after the Typhoon ravaged our beloved Philippines...
The world strongest typhoon indeed hit the Philippine islands and caused lost of lives and properties...our local government made a public announcement that we need to be alert especially at night time. There was an information given that 2:00 pm that super typhoon is going to hit...Thank you so much for your great concern and love toward us all here in the Philippines. There are many people in other islands are suffering of so much loss, no more home to live, in need of food supply as well...We are planning soon to visit them with some relief goods...With your help enable us also to visit those earthquake and super typhoon victims.
Upon further clarification, not only was the Philippines hit by a typhoon, but the region of Bohol had also suffered a 7.2 magnitude earthquake just 3 weeks prior. Indigenous relief workers plan to leave in just a couple of hours (it is currently Friday morning there) to bring aid to Bohol and Mindanao, building and rebuilding homes, and supplying food and water. This particular Filipino ministry is pooling together the resources of over 80 local churches from different areas across the Philippines. They have a great passion and willingness to bring real and immediate help to their nation's people.

Most would remain completely wide eyed at how far one dollar of our currency can go in the Philippines. We regularly spend more on a single meal at the restaurant that what some families from certain regions live on for a month. But the cost of living varies so much from one region to another there, that it is difficult for international aid workers to estimate costs. Locals have an infinitely greater grasp of their socio-economic realities.

It may be difficult to imagine, but many Filipino communities are built by those who dwell in them. Many have hooked up their own communities with electricity, without the help of the government or electric companies providing labour to that end. Within this context, we can begin to understand the we are dealing with a very self-sufficient and industrious culture. International aid will always be welcome and thoroughly appreciated. But small communities will not sit on their hands and wait for foreign workers to build them 3 bedroom homes with white picket fences. What pride they take in being there for one another -- those locals virtually unscathed by the typhoon and earthquake want to be there for the surrounding regions dealing with loss in so many ways. And we have the opportunity to help finance this kind of effort right now.

How we want to thank you...
Just ME Prints, Tanya Zaleski Photocreations, and Lost Bumblebee Graphics want to say thank you for your donation of any amount. We have each one of us compiled 12 months worth of printable images which you can use to order your custom calendars this year; as many as you want! Within 2 business days of making your donation of any amount by December 13th, 2013, you will receive an email containing a special link. From there you can download the calendar collection of your choice. From there, you can order your own custom calendar wherever those are sold (like Walmart, VistaPrint, and more). We have found that custom calendars sell for on average $15.

Why are we offering digital files instead of the real thing? The main reason is simple: we want your full donation to go directly to indigenous relief workers already hard at work bringing aid as you read this. We don't want upwards of 75% of your donation to go towards printing, and shipping. We don't want a bunch of pre-printed 2014 calendars still sitting in storage somewhere a few months from now, having cost money that could most certainly have been put to better use.

And guess what? You have these images to keep for yourself and print as many times as you would like. You can make as many calendars as you want. You can forget about them and find them a year from now. And then you can print 2015 calendars with them! You can print just one of the 12 files off and frame it for good. Basically, enjoy.

How do I donate?
For fast and secure donations through PayPal or with a major credit card, simply click the donate button provided below.

Under "Add special instructions?" please earmark the donation for the Philippines and provide an email address where we should contact you to send you the download link. (This is important. If you omit this step, not only will you not receive your free download, but your donation will not be set aside for the Philippines.) If you would like a tax deductible income tax receipt (for donations of $10 or more) please include your address.


If you prefer to donate through the mail, simply send your cheque made out to Destiny International Ministries to:

Destiny Ministries
P.O. Box 30504
Brossard, Quebec
J4Z 3R6

Again, please remember to note on your cheque that the donation is for the Philippines, and include a separate note with your email address if you would like to receive a download link to the calendar of your choice. If you would like an income tax receipt (for donations of $10 or more), please also include your full address.

Tax deductible donation receipts will be emitted for donations of $10 or more. These will be mailed out early in 2014.



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