I purposed, before the birth of my daughter, to be the kind of mom I'd long wanted to be. At all costs. Unbeknownst to her, my daughter had thrown me a challenge. I needed to use my God-given talents and life's passions to be productive while still working around her needs and her schedule. Here are some daily adventures and small successes.


My Girl - Montreal South Shore Photographer

Perhaps one of the best things about photographing my own child is getting to style the shoot from A to Z. In this case, it all started with a trip to Zara Kids.

People definitely have their opinions, as far as how they like their children to look. Very apparent in an article I stumbled upon today on People.com. Some of the comments left below the article are passionate, to say the least. Some of my faves:

"Ugh, i hate dressing children like mini adults. (sic)"

"There’s too much clothing there. Whatever happened to jeans and a sweatshirt?"

" I don’t think you have to wear a shirt with an airplane or pony on it with little leggings that match to be age appropriate."

Alright, so that's it for me and the dish-rag today. See more from this session here.


  1. I found your link through that article and I agree with you completely! I have never shopped there, but I surely would if I could afford it. LOL Kind of Wal-mart budget for a while; however, my kids are older too. I am guessing the department store is meant for really young kids. I am all for making a child feel confident as young as possible, and apparently some adults forgot that clothes do make a person act differently. I know if I am wearing my "lazy clothes," I am just that lazy. I could easily join the band wagon on the rant against some negative peoples comments on that article. Your child(ren) will be confident and happy, and you can smile to yourself about their negative feelings. Haters are always going to hate, and I feel if you have a hater, then you're doing something right. LOL Life..Live it, breathe it, See it, create it, admire it, and make others envy it.

  2. She's adorable! I wish we had a Zara kids near us...

  3. i believe the only way a child should not dress is inappropriately. and there is a big difference from dressing inappropriately and dressing "like an adult". many adults dress inappropriately. dressing appropriately simply means having the knowledge to know when and where certain clothing choices should be worn. so, as long as parents are educating their children about this, and as long as children are dressing appropriately, who really cares what it is they are wearing.

  4. She's darling. I've been trying to figure out how old she is because she looks so close to my little girl...I couldn't find an age, though! Anyways, your pictures are awesome. Nice work.


  5. Thanks! My daughter is now just about 6. fyi. ;)



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