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Philippines fundraiser efforts

You may remember this post about our combined efforts to extend help to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan devastated them.

News on how much was raised, and a small peek into where your donations have started to go are the topics of this blog post.

Received recently by Destiny International Ministries was this email...
I am sending pictures taken from Bohol and Leyte Islands who had been victims of the latest tradgedy (sic). These two islands are in great need and badly afflicted. They live now without power ,not having enough food supply, no drinking water supply, live in very simple house and still experiencing after shocks. I am sending in separate email with more information [soon].
The Leyte Islands are about 80 km from Tacloban (the major city you would have heard mentioned so often on the news). It obviously would have suffered major devastation. Bohol, a little further out (300 km from Tacloban) was not only affected by the typhoon, but had also suffered a severe earthquake just a couple of weeks prior. (This is why the mention of after-shocks.)

Here are a few of the images sent our way...

Thankfully, these local indigenous workers (from local churches surrounding the effected areas) were able to assist World Vision as they distributed food and water. Many hands...

Local places of worship were also destroyed during the natural disasters, and it brought local residents great comfort to receive help in rebuilding important parts of their communities.

Since we launched our fundraising effort in mid-November you helped us raise a grand total of  $1 575.00! This is beyond what we expected, and we are touched and amazed by your generosity. Thank you!

Donations earmarked for Philippines Relief can still be sent in by simply clicking the donate button below.


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