I purposed, before the birth of my daughter, to be the kind of mom I'd long wanted to be. At all costs. Unbeknownst to her, my daughter had thrown me a challenge. I needed to use my God-given talents and life's passions to be productive while still working around her needs and her schedule. Here are some daily adventures and small successes.


A foxy handmade Christmas

Chronicles of the handmade Christmas continue...

There's something about making a unique creation without a pattern. Perhaps it's the painter/sculptor in me. maybe it's the idea that, if I'm not following a pattern, there's no "wrong way" unless I say so.

My daughter has specifically requested I make her a fox. I could not have imagined this would be the end result. And I sort of like that. I love winging it; improvising. I got the ears just right on the first try, but it took me 5 or 6 tries to be satisfied with the tail.

By the time I'm done pouring myself into a project like this, I'm not able to be objective about how aesthetically pleasing the final product is. But I am able to vouch for the love it's stuffed with and the personality dancing behind those button eyes.

Looking at it again, I think I'm not done. I think she needs an apron. And a baby fox of her own. She has a whole mommy-vibe going on. (Maybe it's all the time we've spent together.)

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