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More editing with Corel PSP - Montreal's South Shore photographer

We established way back when that I have a dirty little secret.

And judging by the amount of hits that post got, many of you found it helpful, or at least interesting.

This time I'll jump right from an image straight out of camera (SOOC) to the finished product in colour, then walk you through one of my methods for going monochrome.

So here goes.

I knew I wanted to get rid of some background elements. I wasn't wild about the framing once I did that, so I fixed that. And as always, I adjusted the skin, and tweaked overall colour and contrast.

So happy with the end result.

I don't always take the finished product in colour and pop it into monochrome, but in this case, I felt it worked well. (And if it does work, what a time-saver to boot.)

I threw it into black & white, watching not to clarify it too much.


I pasted one of my filters as a new layer and adjusted the opacity to 20%.

If you don't make your own actions/filters/whatever-you-wanna-call-them, you can buy them online from endless sources. Many will claim these are Photoshop and Lightroom actions, but if you can find out whether they simply provide you with the JPEG version of the action, you'll be able to apply this technique for your own work.

Under Layers >> New Mask Layer, click From Image...

Select Source Luminance and click OK.

And there it was, my monochrome version.

Hope you found something you can use in there. Thanks for stopping by!

 then, she {snapped}


  1. this is why i trust you to my pictures... i wouldn't have the patience!

  2. This is so so pretty - nice editing! SOOC is very beautiful too!

  3. Love the angle you chose on this. Somehow I like the original color, but your edited one is yummy too.

  4. Hi, I just ran across your blog on Pinterest after searching for Paint Shop Pro. I am another Paint Shop Pro user but I am very new. I can do the basics fairly well but I would love it if you explained in more detail how you achieved those looks. I know you mentioned creating your own filters but I would love to know how you do that. Also you mentioned using actions for photoshop in paint shop. I have been desperately trying to figure out how to do this. Any help you could give me? Thank you so much...your pictures are beautiful!

  5. Hi Crystal:
    I'm rereading what I wrote, and it comes off a little hazy. I don't use Photoshop Actions in Paint Shop pro. Only, if you can nab a filter, you can create scripts with them in Paint Shop Pro, and they become your actions. (You actually can do that without using filters, of course.) Here's my tutorial with the most hits, and I'll try to post more tuts as time permits. Thanks for the feedback! http://photocreationstz.blogspot.ca/2011/09/dirty-little-secret-montreal-south.html



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